Punished Brats is going to have disciplinary dirtiness filling your screen with those crimson cheeks and yelps of help! You might think these sluts are a bit old for a good old-fashioned OTK spanking, but it just makes it even kinkier! Each update tells the story about how their tail will take the abuse for what they?ve done wrong.

Punished Brats is around since 2006, created by real-life spanking addicts and features a mixture of M/F and F/F action. Updates come three times a week and there are 600 movies and picture sets to enjoy at the moment.

The site presents a nice collection of famous spankees and some never-seen-before girls. All of the starring ladies are attractive, although with differing body types, so there is something for everyone.

The vast majority of Punished Brats spankings begin over clothes, moving to underwear and then bare bottoms. A variety of positions are utilized, although there are a lot of OTK ones. The punishments are set at a sane level; they are comprehensive, resulting in well-reddened bottoms, and the occasional tears. They are not attempts to see how much pain a given model can take: click the button below to see some kinky examples now!

Punished Brats latest pictures

  • Lily Anna

    03 Apr 15

    Listen to the screams college girl is making when her exposed butt is getting spanked by the bald teacher

  • Andi Rae

    03 Apr 15

    Redhead girl is cannot protect her ass from spanking because older male is holding her hand behind the back

  • Susan

    03 Apr 15

    Giving brunette teen a few more paddle strokes before she goes ot sleep

  • Juliet Valentina

    03 Apr 15

    Blonde teen in the detention room: her jeans are removed and big fat dude is slapping her juicy ass

  • Chloe Elise, Pixie, Veronica Bound

    30 Jan 15

    A couple of cheerleaders are ordered to pull panties down, lift their skirts and stand along the wall and wait for punishment

  • Tina Tink

    30 Jan 15

    Anothe naughty is making sexy noises when father is slapping her butt over the knee

  • Amanda Rose, Veronica

    30 Jan 15

    Coeds are not wearing their panties: having their asses spanked for that

  • Pixie

    30 Jan 15

    MILF wife is often finds herself with he pants down and with husband punishing her with OTK spanking