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Elite Spanking provides strict discipline is in order to be able to run a highly respected girls school and aren't shy about issuing corporal punishment when needed. Enjoy the samples below and then continue to the website itself to see full-length versions of the episodes featured!

Elite Spanking recent movies

  • Jane

    19 Jan 15

    Naughty daughter get what she deserves in this hot ass spanking film

  • 19 Jan 15

    A woman horsewhips a young girl cruelly, reddening her back and buns with cruel and furious stinging lashes

  • 19 Jan 15

    The depths of one woman's cruelty to another are explored in this video

  • Lucie

    09 Dec 14

    Naughty schoolgirl is called into the headmasters office for a good caning

  • 09 Dec 14

    Whipcracks and screams are the same in any language and need no translation

  • 09 Dec 14

    Young woman must submit to having her panties removed and her skirt pulled up, leaving her vulnerable to the man