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Bun Beating Fun is all about videos and there are more than a hundred of these on-site. Each movie is based on a scenario and they seem less contrived as they're not set up in classrooms or anything like that. No professionally-taken pictures to be found at Bun Beating Fun: only vid caps.

The site would be fun to watch for extreme spanking lovers: lots of care has been put into how these videos are shot and edited.

Bun Beating Fun latest pictures

  • Nancy Vee

    23 Jan 15

    Looks like this babe is making a lot of sexy noises when resting on the spanker laps and when his palm slaps her juicy butt

  • Andie

    23 Jan 15

    Sometimes girls can be cured from excessive with nothing but cruel OTK spanking

  • Sara Liz

    23 Jan 15

    Slut is having her see-through babydoll dress ripped down at the beginning of harsh spanking torment

  • Stefanie

    23 Jan 15

    Severely spanked blinde is holding her butt with both hands and crying

  • Briella Jaden

    17 Sep 14

    Forced blond starts screaming almost immediately when spanker's palm reaches her butt for the first time

  • Brandi Timmons

    17 Sep 14

    Beautiful girl shows off kinky facial expressions when her sexy bum is being slapped

  • Brianna Beauty

    17 Sep 14

    The easiest way to deal with young lady's manners is by subjecting her to spanking punishment constantly

  • Ashley Graham

    17 Sep 14

    Enjoy pain and pleasure mixing up in girl's eyes when spanked OTK and paddled