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  • 30 Apr 15

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    Submissive slut is put in ropes and sitting on her knees quietly while her back and ass are being whipped

  • 22 Mar 15

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    Nice ass is having a meeting with the leather paddle and wooden cane

  • 01 Feb 15

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    Slim bitch is bent over the bench and loving each lash her butt receives

  • 19 Jan 15

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    Roped girl is in extreme pain: when master grabs her tits, squeezes them and canes violently

  • 09 Dec 14

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    Masked male is having nude teen on her knees, restrained with roped and paddled with the wooden ruler

  • 19 Nov 14

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    She is not allowed to spill a drop of water while master canes and whips her breasts

  • 11 Sep 14

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    Slut is bandaged on top of the wooden pallet - spread-legged girl is having her cunt lashed

  • 02 Sep 14

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    Tied in between two trees, this slut is gagged with duct tape and whipped

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  • 04 Jan 15

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    Girl is bandaged to a big tree in the deep of a forest waiting for full body whipping action

  • 22 Oct 14

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    Nude babe had to hold two plastic cups with water while the harsh pain of a bullwhip made its circles around her soft body

  • 15 Jul 14

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    Black babe had a crush on her teacher but he only spanks her OTK

  • 13 Jul 14

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    Blindfolded young lady is stretched with spread eagle bondage: whipped all over her belly

  • 08 May 14

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    Spread-legged teen is in the bathroom, sitting on top of the bench suffering pain from fast whip lashes

  • 17 Apr 14

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    Sophisticated torture is made from head down suspension and powerful body lashes